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Biofuel manufacturing consultancy


Services Provided

Identity design, stationery design, capabilities brochure design, fact sheet design, website design, trade show display design, media buying

Creating and managing a brand that both stands out from the competition and permeates your entire organization.

The world of biofuels and renewable energy gets more crowded and competitive every day. So when Brian Green and his colleagues started their biofuel manufacturing consultancy, Third Inning Solutions, they knew the importance of making the right impression from day one.

“At the time we were a new company looking to brand ourselves in the marketplace,” said Green, who is chief executive officer. “We needed somebody who could help us build a brand very quickly in the very fast-moving, growing renewable energy industry. We were referred to Design Matters by somebody we know. After interviewing several groups and meeting with them all, we felt like Design Matters had the same cutting-edge image that we wanted for our brand and that also existed in the industry.”

Design Matters eventually created Third Inning’s logo, Web site, marketing materials and more. “They built and entire strategy for us on how to attack marketplace from direct mail to tradeshows to just our general sales marketing materials we use when call on customers,” Green said.

“I liked how they (at Design Matters) thought,” he said. “How they put things together for us. I loved the process. It was very quick but not hurried and they dove into our industry and got a good understanding of it so they could deliver to us what we were looking for. It was a great give and take in the process. We had a lot of great meetings where we sat down at the table and went back and forth on things and built off things. It was very comfortable process with them.”

Green said his company used Design Matters as the keeper of their brand, relying on their skill and counsel to make decisions that permeated every aspect of their company with the desired brand attributes. The results have gotten rave reviews from both customers and competitors, including an “Award for Excellence” in the Art Directors Association of Iowa’s annual design exhibition.

“We’ve sent a lot of our clients to Design Matters,” said Green. “You get exceptional quality and exceptional service, and you get it at a price that’s not going to bankrupt your budget.”

“I loved the process. It was very quick but not hurried.”

Brian Green

CEO, Third Inning Solutions