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Identity design, stationery design, folder design, capabilities brochure design, website design

Asymmetria Group is a start-up company shaking up the private investment market with a new approach they call asymmetric investing.

Their approach offers higher return potential with lower risk than traditional retail investment instruments.

As an unestablished brand with an entirely new investment concept, Asymmetria Group sought to differentiate itself from the crowded marketplace with a fresh, bold look.

The project was vast. Print components included: logo and identity system, member welcome kit, and a variety of printed marketing collateral – a sales brochure, business cards, greeting cards, envelopes, and folders. The interactive components included: a front-facing public website to reach potential customers, and a robust member-restricted website for current members to watch prospective leads and track current investments.

Design Matters approached this project knowing that we had to create something truly unique in an otherwise conservative industry.